Workout Plan Day 19 - Chronic Conditions

warmup cooldown

Early morning
Luke warm water with honey
Fenugreek water/
Almonds 3 nos/
Dates 3 nos/
6.30 - Workout
After workout
ABC Juice (Apple,beetroot or Carrot)/
Tender coconut/
Tea 1 cup.
8 to 9 am (Make your breakfast heavy should take carbs )
Samba Ravai upma/
Aval poha/
Idly or dosa 2 to 3 nos.
Spinach smoothie with banana (optional)
Mid morning 11.30am
Tea with 2 crackers.
Any seasonal fruit.
A cup of watermelon/ Musk melon.
Lunch 1 pm
A cup of Brown rice with dhal.
Any greens (Spinach)
Fish or chicken gravy for non veg.option.
Any vegetable poriyal.
Evening 4.30pm
Vegetable salad.
Green tea with whole grain crackers.
A handful of nuts.
Slices of apple.
Dinner 7.30 to 8 pm
Wheat dosa 2 nos.
Vegetables stuffed paratha 2 nos.
Fenugreek paratha.
Bed Time :
10.00pm - 10.30pm
Warm water -1 Glass / jeera water
Foods To Be Included :
Whole Cereals, Thin Dhal , Vegetables like Cluster Beans and Gourd varieties, Green leafy vegetables, Plantain stem, Citrus fruits, Soups, Skimmed Milk, Egg white, Poached Fish .
Thin dhal,
Coloured vegetables.
ABC Juices.
Green leafy vegetables
plantain stem
citrus fruits
Skimmed milk
egg white
poached fish.
Foods to be avoided:
Deep fried foods
baked products
sprouted grams
rich pastries
junk foods
vegetables like cabbage, broccoli,etc..


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