Workout Plan Day 06 - Below 80 Kgs

Workout Explanation with Graphics



Early morning- 300ml of water+a pinch of cinnamon powder boil it together, and drink with 1/2 lemon squeezed/Ginger mint black tea without milk and sugar.
[Note:Take egg white(2)/Sprouts(1 cup) along with any breakfast]-Wheat poha(1 cup)+ Corriander chutney (1cup)/Curry leaves dosa(2)+Tomato chutney/ Thalicha idli(2)+ Sambhar(1 cup).
Mid morning(10.30-11.00am)- Papaya(1 cup)/Cucumber and carrot salad(1 cup)/Tender coconut water.
Lunch (1.00-1.30 pm) - Brownrice(1 cup)+ Drumstick leaves sambhar(1 cup)+ Lady's finger (1 cup)/Chappathi (2)+ Greens kottu(1 cup)+ Buttermilk(1 glass)/Thin Roti(2)+Mixed. Veg salad(2 cups).
Mid afternoon(3:00- 3.30pm)- Black tea/Green tea(150ml) without sugar and milk
Evening(5.00-5.30pm)Boiled sweet potato (1 small cup)/Horsegram dhal(2 handful)/Cow peas (1cup).
Dinner(8.00-8.30pm) - Thalicha Ragi puttu (1 cup)without coconut and sugar/Dhal adai(2)+ mixed veg.curry(1 cup)/Ragi Adai (2)+carrot chutney.
Bed time - Warm milk with pinch of turmeric powder and cardamon(100 ml) without sugar.(2 Almonds optional)
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