• PINK Fitness will be opened between 06:00 am – 08:00 pm (Mon-Sat)
  • Restricted Holidays: 7:00 am - 1.00 pm
  • Timings are subject to change without prior notice
  • PINK Fitness will remain closed on all Sundays and Public Holiday. Information on holidays will be displayed on the notice board at the front desk PINK Fitness will be declared or announced closed on public and other holidays as mentioned on the notice board at the front desk
  • Registration of your finger impression before entering the gym is mandatory.
  • Carrying of your membership card is mandatory, and it should be shown on entry at front desk
  • Members must secure all their belongings in the locker and shall not allow it to be placed inside gym premises so as to cause inconvenience to other members or staff
  • Members are requested to retain all invoices/receipts for any payment made by them. Any disputes/claims will not be entertained unless original invoice/receipt is produced
  • All users of temporary lockers are requested to bring your own pad locks. Please ensure you keep your keys safe and remove your belongings and locks after use. The management reserves the right to break open the locks in case a temporary locker is found locked end of the day
  • Members who prefer to use permanent lockers (if available) may contact the Front Desk for terms and conditions. The permanent lockers can be used only during the period of membership. Renewal of permanent locker usage will be at the discretion of the management as the renewal of PINK Fitness membership does not confer entitlement to locker renewal
  • Pink Fitness holds no responsibility for loss of valuables or money kept in the lockers. The lockers are used solely at the risk of the members
  • Members with medical problems should declare their ailments in writing along with a doctor’s certificate, before starting any exercise program
  • Membership is non-refundable and non- transferable. It cannot be exchanged with any group activities or different packages
  • Membership is not on usage basis. It is a fee, permitting access to the Pink Fitness centre for a certain prefixed period. The unused number of days cannot be extended nor will the amount be refunded, if not used by the member for any reason
  • Membership period starts from the date of registration at the front desk and not from the date the member starts using the facility for workout
  • The membership tariff and other services offered are subject to change without prior notice
  • Payment has to be done in full at the time of registration. In case of part payment, post-dated cheques (PCD’s) must be issued during registration
  • Grant of membership admission and Renewals are solely at the discretion of the Centre Manager of Pink Fitness and FitnessOne Group India Limited
  • Membership transfers to other Pink Fitness centre will not be permitted
  • Personal training sessions: Non usage of personal training sessions (within the specified validity date) will not entitle any member for any refund or compensation either in terms of money or extended sessions
  • Providing and change of personal trainers is solely the discretion of the centre and cannot be changed at the request of the members availing the training. The centre may provide male or female trainers at their discretion and is not by choice of members
  • Members are requested to change into their work-out shoes, after coming to the Pink Fitness centre in order to maintain hygiene and to avoid damage to the equipment.
  • Members are requested not to drop or throw weights. Kindly re-rack the dumbbells and attachments after workout. Workout cautiously with all equipment so as not to cause injury to themselves, others or damage the equipment.
  • Nutrition counseling sessions will be offered on an appointment basis. One consultation with the nutritionist will be done at the time of registration (not renewal). A Diet chart would be given on request. All subsequent reviews will be charged.
  • The workout schedule cards will be placed in an alphabetical order in their racks (ABC rack) in the workout floor.
  • Children below the age of 12 are strictly prohibited from entering the facility. Members aged between 13 to 18 years should be accompanied by a parent/guardian or should declare a written authorization from the parent/guardian who is responsible for such minor members.
  • Members who exercise and use facilities during the period of membership are permitted to access at their (members) own risk. PINK Fitness / FitnessOne Group will accept no responsibility for loss or damage to member’s properties and belonging or for death or injuries sustained while on the premises. Members agree that no claims will be made against PINK Fitness / FitnessOne Group and their staff for any reasons whatsoever. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that they correctly operate or use the facilities of the club including the adjustment of levels or setting on the equipment. If in doubt, as to how to correctly operate, members should consult the staff.
  • Pink Fitness centre provides members with the equipments and machines best suited for the members, hence members cannot insist on any particular machine or brands or models of equipments being made available
  • No member shall hold on to a particular machine or facility for too long (max. 30 minutes for cardiovascular equipments) so as to deprive the other members waiting to use the said machine or facility
  • PINK Fitness / FitnessOne Group may, at any time, withdraw all or part of a facility for any period or periods and with or without notice in connection with any cleaning, repair, alteration or maintenance work or for any reasons beyond their control
  • PINK Fitness / FitnessOne Group may at its own discretion make any amendments to the rules and regulations, schedule of fees at any time and from time to time, without prior notice to any member
  • PINK Fitness / FitnessOne Group does not assure any particular weight loss, at any given time. Its programs and wordings used in its literature and advertisements are recommendative and indicative and is not result assured, as results may vary from person to person and on basis of performance of each individual
  • Tobacco, food, chewing gum, glass bottles, and cans are not permitted for use in the training facility. Personal non breakable water bottles are allowed inside the facility
  • Usage or carrying of Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and banned substances are not permitted in the centres and training facilities.
  • Members are requested to do their workouts based on experts guidance only
  • Member must be fully aware that they are engaging in physical exercise and training which may cause injury to them. Members agree that they are voluntary participants in physical exercise and the use of centre facilities and training and assistance by centre personnel and assume all risks of injury to them on account of such activities
  • Member hereby agrees to waive all claims or rights they might have against the centre including the right to sue the centre and its employees for any injuries or claims aforesaid
  • Member has carefully read the waiver and release clause and fully understands that this is a release of any and all future claims against centre for injury or risk of injury resulting from activities while attending centre facilities
  • Member further agrees to release the centre from any liability for any loss or theft of their belonging while the member is inside the centre
  • The valet parking services provided by Pink Fitness is only a free assistance provided to its members and such service is subject to availability of drivers and infrastructure and the said service may be discontinued at the discretion of the Pink Fitness/ FitnessOne Group. The vehicles are driven and parked at the owners risk and Pink Fitness/ FitnessOne Group holds no responsibility for any damage or theft arising out of the same
  • Members and guests with the following conditions should not use the steam rooms-Low/high blood pressure, cardiac irregularities, asthma and pregnancy or any other ailment
  • Pink Fitness/ FitnessOne Group may make changes to the rules at any time without prior notice to its members and display such changes on a notice board for a week, Such display is deemed sufficient intimation to members.
  • The herein usage of terms FitnessOne/PINK, club, centre, Facility, Gym etc., Wherever context permits denote the particular Pink Fitness centre where member had joined.
  • Valet parking is at Owner’s risk only. Kindly do not leave any valuables in the car. Pink Fitness/ FitnessOne Group is not responsible for any loss of items inside the car or damage to the car either internally or externally
  • Kindly vacate the lockers on daily basis
  • For safety standards, CCTV has been installed at the centre

Pink Fitness/ FitnessOne Grouip has the discretion to terminate centre membership if a member:

  1. Fails to pay any monetary obligations under FitnessOne/PINK rules and regulations.
  2. Is not able to provide proof of membership on request.
  3. Fails to follow the club rules and regulations prevailing and also the ones introduced from time to time, including time limits on cardio machines and any issue pertaining to gym etiquette.
  4. Willfully damages the properties of the club or the building facilities.
  5. provides incorrect information on the application form or does not disclose the necessary details as required, including health related ones.
  6. Violates any government laws, regulations or rules of the building management.
  7. Damages the name and reputation of FitnessOne / PINK Fitness through any actions.
  8. Fails to act in any orderly manner, misbehavior or engage in improper conduct of Solicitation of any kind.
  9. Does any act which is in any manner disturbing or annoying other members of the club or disturbs or disrupts the functioning of the club in any manner.
  10. In situations of deciding acts of violation, the decision of the Pink Fitness/ FitnessOne Group is final.

Members will be requested to sign a copy of club rules & regulation form during their first visit. Without signing up the club rules & regulation form no member will be allowed to use the facility of Pink Fitness. Signing up of club rules & regulation is mandatory during membership renewal as well.


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